Treatment for a sports injury will depend on factors such as how severe the injury is and the part of your body affected. We can offer ways to help you recover. By coming to the Tanning Basement, we will be able to cater for your needs and do everything possible to get you back to 100% fitness. Massage is recorded as one of the earliest forms of physical therapy and was used over 3000 years ago in China, India and Greece.

Sports Massage should be incorporated into any Training Plan whether a Person is Injured or purely looking to maintain a better Physical Condition. It is also important to remember that non-athletes also benefit from regular sports massage – sitting at a desk, driving and other daily activities can also cause a build up of tension in the musculoskeletal system.

When a person exercises, the body is subjected to various types of physical loading. With the right amount of rest, the body’s systems adapt to cope with the increased stresses from the various activities. These adaptations may affect muscles and other soft tissues, bones, the brain and nervous system. This is why it is good to rest your muscle through Sports Massage, as before and after exercise, it may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.


  •  Mental and physical Relaxation
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • Increased Movement and Flexibility
  • Improve Co-ordination
  • Maintain your body in better Physical Condition
  • Increased Physical Awareness

Would a Massage be Beneficial to You?